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Occupational Heath Consulting

HV Occupational Health and Safety Advisors

We are here to protect your TEAM!

We provide our clients with around the clock 24/7 global safety case management, onsite training, medics, medical oversight, and protocols for land-based remote site work, ensuring that an employee injured on the job receives the best quality care while simultaneously working with the employer to minimize recordability rate (EMR) with little to no down time. 

We are available any time of day via phone call, video chat or in-person visits.

HV has multiple medical director’s which are board-certified in occupational medicine, emergency medicine, EMS medicine, and internal medicine. We also have an extensive network of specialist that we work with. All of our team members are certified and experienced in medical and or safety and are qualified to add value to our clients.

Remote Emergency Medical Management

All of our team members have multiple certifications in different areas and different scopes of our industry.

HV Occupational Health Advisors of America LLC provides comprehensive on site preventative and response treatment such as:

  • Emergency medical staff and medical direction
  • Infectious Disease (Including Covid-19) Compliance and Protocol Programs
  • MEQ, PFT, respirator fit testing, drug screening and breath alcohol
  • Dedicated site emergency vehicles
  • Fully functioning clinics
  • Preventative health such as flu shots, Hepatitis A&B and Tetanus shots
  • Custom protocols to suit your site specific needs
  • Proprietary reporting system to project managers and safety directors that are HIPPA compliant
  • CPR instructor class
  • Multiple safety trainings that can cover topics anywhere from medical to OSHA related regulations
  • 24/7 case management 365 days a year
  • On call case management directive
  • Bilingual case managers
  • Vetting of clinics close to your job site
  • Preventative drills and coordination with EMS regional teams for the safety of your employees at remote job sites


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